Maxtrilby use tools that are certified by the British Psychological Society


Maxtrilby assesses each applicant for your role in the same way against the same measures every time.


The tools Maxtrilby use are proven over many years and used by many household names world wide.


The tools Maxtrilby use are certified by the British Psychological Society,

Reduced Time to Hire

Maxtrilby reduce your time to hire by focusing your efforts on the applicants who best fit your requirements.

Improved Quality of Hire

Validity studies have shown that the tools Maxtrilby use accurately predicted performance levels of 83% of new employees.

Improved Stakeholder Experience

From hiring managers to rejected applicants the stakeholder experience is improved.

Reduced Costs

Our unique pricing model reduces your costs of hiring.

Better Offer Management

Base salaries offered on applicants skill and job fit levels rather than years experience.

Improved Productivity

Key resources reduce the time they are screening or interviewing unsuitable applicants.

Increased Retention Rates

Validity studies have shown 100% increase in retention rates for some companies.

Improved Employment Brand

Assessment results used in the rejection process lead to a higher company opinion for rejected applicants

To arrange a demonstration or a trial, contact Brian Cunningham or call + 353 1 669 4055

Film and Music produced and Directed by Tony St Ledger © 2011

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