Trouble Pilgrims rock for the Philippines Sunday 1st December. Doors at 4pm. €10 entry.

Trouble Pilgrims rock for the Philippines this Sunday. Doors at 4pm. €10 entry.

Trouble Pilgrims-Pete Holidai-Photo Tony St Ledger

Photo Tony St Ledger

Ireland has gone through many changes in recent years and we have welcomed new people from all over the world.

The caring professions in Ireland include a huge amount of Filipino staff, joining what are services under very severe pressure. They have taken on some of the most difficult tasks in these professions, and do so with such kindness of heart.

Let’s remember that these people have left families and loved ones behind, in the hope of finding a better life in Ireland. Through nursing, for example, they show an innate kindness of nature with their care of others.
Now their devastated country, fellow countrymen and women and especially children need our help.
Join us for a fundraiser to send monies to the Philippine Red Cross Appeal, this Sunday 1st December at The Stags Head.
Come see ‘The Ground Will Shake’ followed by ‘Trouble Pilgrims’ with DJ Karl Tsigdinos  playing a great selection of sounds in what will be a session packed with proper Rock’n’Roll.

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