Nutriclub goes live on TV3 Ireland AM

Top Irish Nutritionist Erika Doolan was in the kitchen at TV3 Ireland AM this morning with Alan Hughes outlining what Nutriclub has to offer.

Nutriclub-Erika Doolan-Alan Hughes TV3

Nutriclub is an exciting Online Nutrition & Healthy Living solution bringing Nutrition & Exercise to your home. Erika went though her paces explaining the hidden dangers inside todays everyday foods and the dangers of unknown sugar intake.

Nutriclub-Erika Doolan-Alan Hughes TV3-Tony St Ledger-

The real news was the launch of NutriJuice range the 100% raw energy cold pressed juices. The rejuvenating juice cleanse programme. Based on consuming fruits and vegetables in their purest form: fresh, natural and enzyme-rich, offering the body the highest nutrition while using the lowest expenditure of digestive energy in order to allow the body to focus on detoxifying, re energising and healing.

Nutriclub-Erika Doolan-Alan Hughes TV3-Tony St Ledger-Nutrijuice

Juicing is a wonderful way to improve your health, ensure you get your 9+ per day and is a perfect addition to our healthy meals service. It is why so many health conscious people today are incorporating juicing into their healthy eating regimes. As we know fresh fruits and vegetables play a huge role in improving our health and well-being, and have unparalleled nutritional qualities.

Nutriclub-Nutrijuice-Tony St Ledger

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Nutriclub – Ireland’s Online Nutrition And Healthy Living Solution.

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