You can’t run away from trouble, there ain’t no place that far.


Trouble Pilgrims

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Trouble Pilgrims are: Steve Rapid on voice and theremin, Pete Holidai on vocals and lead guitar, Tony St Ledger on rhythm guitar and vocals, Johnny Bonnie on drums and backing vocals Bren Lynott on bass and backing vocals

Trouble Pilgrims formed in 2013 with the intention of continuing the legacy of The Radiators from space while having a main focus on recording and performing brand new material. To date they have released two singles, The double A side debut of Animal Gang Blues c/w Who Do You Love? followed in 2015 by Instant Polaroid [The Man On The Bridge] On the live front the band have developed a reputation for delivering tight and exciting live shows. Some high profile special guest appearances [The Boomtown Rats, The Undertones] have cemented their reputation and broadened their appeal. The band were invited to play at the prestigious Kilkenny Roots Festival in 2015 and such was the response to three appearances over that weekend they have returned to the festival in 16 and 17 which were equally successful. The band recorded their debut album over the summer of 2017 and are delighted to announce Dark Shadows And Rust will be available Worldwide on Chiswick Records via Ace from 27th October 2017

Hope Collective-Trouble Pilgrims

Band Film and Film scoundscapes created by Tony St Ledger, Sleeve design and Art Direction Steve Averill, Band Photography Gareth Averill, Dark Shadows and Rust script Kaethe Burt O’Dea

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“Dark Shadows and Rust, the brilliant new album from Trouble Pilgrims which I unhesitatingly commend to you and your collection if you’re a discerning fan of music”
Paul McLoone ‘on air’ Today FM 1/11/17

Trouble Pilgrims – Dark Shadows and Rust OUT October 27th PROMO

Trouble Pilgrims – Dark Shadows and Rust  PROMO’s

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The Temple Bar Song by Billy Treacy. Directed and filmed by Tony St Ledger.

Promo Video for the single “Temple Bar” from the album “Head Above Water”.

A Tony St Ledger film.

One take Treacy!
Best of luck to Billy and the lads with this – super day filming. I really enjoyed the refreshments and live session in the Dame Tavern after.
Thanks to all who helped Paul Baker, Peter Lynch, Jane O’Connor and Colm Treacy.

The Temple Bar Song by Billy Treacy

Don’t you know you’re about to enter, Dublin’s Cultural Centre.
Pedestrianised streets of Cobblestone.
Where the places are all hopping with tourists eating, shopping.
Guaranteed you’ll never drink alone.
Pre chorus
But take a look around, for the natives can’t be found.
Except for the junkies, beggars, thieves.
The locals have more sense(cents).
Euro, shillings, pence.
And they know round here it won’t go far.
In Temple Bar, (where) In Temple Bar.
Dirty Aul Town of Molly Malone and Whiskey in the Jar.
There’ll be drink and songs a plenty but your pockets will be empty, coz round here your money won’t go far.
In Temple Bar, (where) In Temple Bar.
It’s Vicars, Tarts, Drink, Feck, Arse, there’s nothing on a par.
Your throat it will be cracked and sore but your pockets well they’ll hurt more.
In Dublin City’s Temple Bar.
2nd Verse
Keep a good eye on your handbag,
Your man there is a toe rag.
Make sure you hold on to your phone.
Enjoy your stay in Ireland, be ya yank, English or Thailand.
Tell all your friends to come when you get home.
Pre Chorus
But please take my advice, that the rest of Dublin’s nice.
Don’t limit yourself to one square mile.
Now I mostly speak in jest, but believe me Dubs are best.
Guaranteed to make you smile.
In Temple Bar, (Where) In Temple Bar.
Dirty aul town of Molly Malone and Whiskey in the Jar.
Where we go to celebrate or when we want to just drink late.
We know we never are too far.
From Temple Bar, from Temple Bar.
It’s Vicars, Tarts, Drink, Feck, Arse,
There’s nothing on a par.
If the Craic it isn’t ninety, you’ll be sure that it’s more mighty.
In Dublin City’s Temple Bar.
In Dublin City’s Temple Bar.
In Dublin City’s Temple Bar.
(Straight into The Maid Behind the (Temple) Bar.)