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Rip‘n’Run Basketball is a Fully Supervised Residential Basketball Camp. Stay and play basketball for one or two weeks. Rip’n’Run will bring you a method of coaching that is fun and enjoyable and takes place in a unique atmosphere. Through a vast experience of coaching Rip’n’Run Basketball Camp is the best you will ever attend. Your amazing summer of basketball and new friends starts right here!

RIP ‘N’ RUN a series of Basketball Camps that teach the game of basketball in a very unique way to players. We recommend boys and girls aged from 11 upwards.

Week 1 – Sunday July 26th – Saturday August 1st.
Week 2 – Sunday August 2nd – Saturday August 9th.



RipnRun present The Biggest Basketball Game In The World Ever!

RipnRun present The Biggest Basketball Game In The World at The Festival of Basketball sponsored by Robinson’s in association with The Irish Daily Star.

Film and Music created by Tony St Ledger