‘Connecting nature, people and place to source simple solutions to complex problems’Bí URBAN opens in the heart of Stoneybatter

desireland has a new home in the heart of Stoneybatter, the hippest up and coming neighbourhood in Dublin. We are now making & selling the Bí THERAPY, our natural skincare range containing health inducing honeybee ingredients, in our own studio to support our indoor/outdoor educational activities: ‘Connecting nature, people and place to source simple solutions to complex problems’.
Steve Averill-Kaethe Burt-O'Dea-Bí URBAN-Tony St Ledger Photography

Kaethe Burt O’Dea and Steve Averill. Tony St Ledger Photography

Equality for All Pollinators
3 Manor Street
D07 X054

Dublin Web Summit 2014. Snapshot overview – Top music, tech and brand people share their unique World Wide Web experiences in Dublin.

Dublin Web Summit is where over 20,000 people interested in the future of the world meet and learn from the people changing the world, faster and further than any generation in history.

“People are now purchasing environments to have experiences” Lorraine Twohill, Head of Marketing, Google

In particular, the insights discussed at the Music Web Summit on The Paradiso Stage put a big spotlight on the future of the music industry on the web. The ideas and concepts that were expressed demonstrated how to enhance and engage the customer and fan interactive experience. All photos Tony St Ledger.com

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The Temple Bar Song by Billy Treacy. Directed and filmed by Tony St Ledger.

Promo Video for the single “Temple Bar” from the album “Head Above Water”.

A Tony St Ledger film.

One take Treacy!
Best of luck to Billy and the lads with this – super day filming. I really enjoyed the refreshments and live session in the Dame Tavern after.
Thanks to all who helped Paul Baker, Peter Lynch, Jane O’Connor and Colm Treacy.

The Temple Bar Song by Billy Treacy http://www.billytreacy.com

Don’t you know you’re about to enter, Dublin’s Cultural Centre.
Pedestrianised streets of Cobblestone.
Where the places are all hopping with tourists eating, shopping.
Guaranteed you’ll never drink alone.
Pre chorus
But take a look around, for the natives can’t be found.
Except for the junkies, beggars, thieves.
The locals have more sense(cents).
Euro, shillings, pence.
And they know round here it won’t go far.
In Temple Bar, (where) In Temple Bar.
Dirty Aul Town of Molly Malone and Whiskey in the Jar.
There’ll be drink and songs a plenty but your pockets will be empty, coz round here your money won’t go far.
In Temple Bar, (where) In Temple Bar.
It’s Vicars, Tarts, Drink, Feck, Arse, there’s nothing on a par.
Your throat it will be cracked and sore but your pockets well they’ll hurt more.
In Dublin City’s Temple Bar.
2nd Verse
Keep a good eye on your handbag,
Your man there is a toe rag.
Make sure you hold on to your phone.
Enjoy your stay in Ireland, be ya yank, English or Thailand.
Tell all your friends to come when you get home.
Pre Chorus
But please take my advice, that the rest of Dublin’s nice.
Don’t limit yourself to one square mile.
Now I mostly speak in jest, but believe me Dubs are best.
Guaranteed to make you smile.
In Temple Bar, (Where) In Temple Bar.
Dirty aul town of Molly Malone and Whiskey in the Jar.
Where we go to celebrate or when we want to just drink late.
We know we never are too far.
From Temple Bar, from Temple Bar.
It’s Vicars, Tarts, Drink, Feck, Arse,
There’s nothing on a par.
If the Craic it isn’t ninety, you’ll be sure that it’s more mighty.
In Dublin City’s Temple Bar.
In Dublin City’s Temple Bar.
In Dublin City’s Temple Bar.
(Straight into The Maid Behind the (Temple) Bar.)

RipnRun Festival of Basketball 2014 – Your Summer Starts Right Here – Week 1 Sunday July 27th-Saturday August 2nd. Week 2 Sunday August 3rd-Saturday August 9th.

The RipnRun Festival of Basketball continues to grow year on year. Click on the Player and secure your place at Planet Basketball at The Kings Hospital Campus in Palmerstown Dublin – Book early and avoid disappointment as the 2013 camp both week sold out!
RipnRun-Basketball Camp 2014

Mark Ingle talks us through your stay at RipnRun Festival of Basketball.

RipnRun Sponsorship opportunities contact www.tonystledger.com

Film and Music created by Tony St Ledger